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Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

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Published on : Apr 21, 2015

China could utilize an expected boom in their electric vehicles to balance out their grid which depends heavily on the solar and wind energy, according to an influential Chinese government planning agency which said on Monday in the Washington D.C.

According to the director of China National Renewable Energy Center along with the deputy director general of the Energy Research Institutes based at the China’s National Development and the Reform Commission, the future that they think for electricity vehicle could be the next big contribution to ensure the power systems reliability and stability.

The Chinese are not seeing the cost of renewable energy which can be a significant obstacle to its widespread adoption, according to the director. Also, the biggest challenge for RE development is not economic but technical. Furthermore, variability is the biggest issue they are facing. In conditions when there is no wind, they have no electricity, and when they don’t have sun they don’t have electricity. And combined conditions mean no electricity at all.

However, if the China’s population can deploy enough number of electric vehicles they could provide five million new electric vehicles in the city Beijing alone. It could be an array of distributed batteries which could collect the energy when the sun is shining or when the wind is active.

The director further stated that according to the study, there is a route for the country to drastically decrease their reliance on coal, 85 per cent of electricity from green renewable energy sources and cut down their carbon emissions by 60 per cent by the mid of the century.