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Effective Liver Fat Detection Via Magnetic Resonance

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Published on : Sep 18, 2014

The issue of excess body weight has several adverse effects. Fat accumulation affects the internal organs as well, one of them being the liver. Hepatic Steatosis is a condition that causes fibrosis, cirrhosis, and inflammation due to fat deposits in the liver. Hitherto, hepatic biopsy has been the most popular technique for diagnosing hepatic fat. It is way more precise in determining the fat quantity as compared to abdominal ecography which is an imaging technique. 

Researchers have concluded that magnetic resonance as a technique for liver fat detection is much better and effective than not just abdominal ecography but even hepatic biopsy. This study was undertaken by a group of researchers headed by Luis Bujanda, who is the Professor of Medicine at the University of Basque Country. 

According to the observations of this research team, magnetic resonance is ideal for detecting the exact quantity of fat that is accumulated in the liver. In addition to the researchers in this group, there were many more research participants from other hospital and institutions like Digestive System and Pathological Anatomy Services at the Donostia University Hospital, and the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the UPV/EHU\'s Pharmacy Faculty. 

The abovementioned research study was conducted taking into consideration 97 obese patients and 32 patients suffering from hepatic pathologies. The measurement of liver fat was carried out by three distinct techniques which were hepatic biopsy, magnetic resonance, and biochemical determination of fat using the Folch method. 

Magnetic resonance has not only proved its effectiveness in liver fat determination, but it may also be helpful in future for understanding and determining conditions like hepatic fibrosis and inflammation. 

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