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Educational Policies Disappoints Most of the Head Teachers

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Published on : Apr 24, 2015

As per a research survey of state school leaders in England, many of the head teachers are not convinced by the competing-style of educational policies that are being furnished by one of the political parties which will be held in next month’s general election. The poll will be carried by Ipsos Mori and The Key education consultancy. In which they found that around 58% of the total 1,200 heads, financial officers, and deputy heads stated that they were not able to decide about which of the political parties was the best and equipped, that will enhance the education system and structure in England. In this said poll, only one in the five polled for Labour, as one of the best equipped, whereas less than 7% gave the name of the Conservatives and a very less number of 2.5% mentioned the Liberal Democrats.

All the individuals who took the survey made it very clear that the ruling government’s performance in respect of the education sector have not met with their approval. In the survey around 77% stated that they were moderately dissatisfied, among which 45% told that they were very much dissatisfied.

The headteacher of Streatham Wells primary school based in Lambeth of south London, Louise Salewski, stated that, it is very much disappointing that none of the political party had presented with a vision of education which will promotes confidence. Majority of the school leaders asked for policies that are based with a proof of research on what is going to works best and not how the political parties require. Louise Salewski added that how education is being manipulated by the political pressures.