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Edgybees Secures $5.5M Seed Funding to bolster AR Tech use in Drones

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Published on : Mar 01, 2018

The amalgamation of augmented reality (AR) and drone technology isn’t the staple of the entertainment industry. Powered by AR technology, drones are finding innovative applications in verticals such as smart cities, automotive, and defense. Industry players, world over, are leveraging the robust situational awareness offered by AR-powered drones for being used in emergency response situations-to save lives. To this end, Edgybees, a California-based startup, announced on February 28, 2018 that it has secured US$5.5 million in a seed funding round with an objective to bolster its operations. The startup pioneers in dedicated AR technology for several high-speed moving platforms such as in drones and cars. In the past couple of years, the technology is being applied for drones used as first responders.

The funding round is led by players such as Motorola Ventures and Verizon Ventures and is joined by Aspect Ventures, NFX, and 8VC, with a notable presence of OurCrowd, Israel-based crowdfunding platform.

Drone Flying App Powered By AR Facilitates Search and Rescue Operations

With initial applications in AR-enabled drone racing, Edgybees has exploring the potential of its technologies in new, exciting applications. To this end, the company partnered with DJI, a Chinese technology company last year, with help build racing games. The same year, it released First Response, an app for drones for boosting decision outcomes by emergency responders in difficult situations.

Of note, the start-up in 2018 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit demonstrated the application of the drone flying app in emergency response situations with the benefits of live drone camera footage using Google Maps. The technology can be used to deploy volunteers using a variety of modes of transport for emergency response action in places largely inaccessible. Most recently, the app and the underlying AR technology was put in action in Northern California firestorm in October 2017.

A number of industrial as well as commercial drone users are finding the AR offered by Edgybees for applications in search and rescue operations, fire-fighting initiatives, and in the area of public safety.