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eBay’s Visual Search Tools Allow Shoppers to find Items using Photos

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Published on : Oct 27, 2017

Visual search capabilities seem to pick up steam for online shoppers. Integrated with deep learning capabilities, visual search technologies present a spate of exciting opportunities for shoppers. eBay Inc., a prominent multinational e-commerce corporation, recently in October, 2017 launched two visual search tools, Image Search and Find it on eBay, which enable online shoppers to use photos to find products they want. These imagery-taken from their smartphones, found on web, or on social networking sites-can be used to find items that resemble closely, which is expected to offer fast and a reliable shopping experience. The company announced the launched schedule on July, 2017. 

Several E-commerce Sites Keen to Leverage Potential of Neural Networks for Visual Search

The application of neural networks and deep learning technologies has already gained traction with various sites, notably Amazon and Pinterest.

Mobile consumers can use the feature Image Search to take a snap of the goods they are looking for or they can use an image that has been already saved on their phones’ memory to shop for the desired products. The functionality uses a vast repository of catalogue and return items that are visually similar or that those that resemble closely.

The other tool, Find it on eBay, appears more interesting. The shoppers can start their search on third-party websites, notably any social platforms such as such as Facebook and Pinterest, and share the image with eBay. Or, they can share the image of their favorite product found while reading a blog.

Shoppers to Gain from Extensive Repository of User-Generated Images

The e-commerce giant contends that the tool bases its search using a vast set of user-generated images or product data developed over many years. Flaunting a catalogue of over 1.1 billion items, the company believes that the feature is uniquely different and more useful than used by other e-commerce sites. According to the company, the tool uses convolutional neural network for processing the images shared by shoppers.

As announced by eBay, Find It on eBay can be used on Android, while Image Search can be used on Android as well as iOS platform.

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