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Eating Nuts in the Third Trimester to Improve Child's Neurodevelopment

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Published on : May 14, 2019

Nuts can reduce oxidative stress, hypertension, and diabetes. It also bets on protecting the effects of cognitive reduction due to old age. To add to this list of benefits of consuming nuts, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) conducted a study. Moreover, "la Caixa" the third largest financial institute in Spain backs the study. European Journal of Epidemiology published study. The research identifies a connection between consumption of nuts during pregnancy and neurodevelopment of a child.

It precisely claims that on consuming nuts in third trimester of pregnancy, there is improved neurodevelopment in a child. Based on a study reported online on 7th May, nut intake helps in long-term neuropsychological growth in infants.

Validated Food Questionnaire Helps Disentangle Study

Scientist from ISGlobal-Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona in Spain, studied the connection. The study examined 2,208 pairs of mother and child who had similar characteristics needed for the study. Study comprises an authoritative questionnaire about food frequency that assessed consumption of nuts by mothers in their pregnancy tenure.

The study compared children in the first tertile and in their highest third tertile. It deduced the former was 13.82 ms behind in Attention Network Test (ANT) compared to those in latter of nut consumption during pregnancy. Study reported other observations regarding different cognitive scores, which noticed a similar connection pattern.

Study also performed random control trials useful in simplifying the connection regarding brain development. It also talks about brain functioning in children.