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Easy Manufacturing for Robotics Parts With Automated Systems

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Published on : Jul 16, 2019

MIT researchers have proposed designs and 3D prints for automated systems. This system is capable to produce complex robotics parts called actuators. These parts are optimized according to multiple specifications. In other words, the systems can automatically design manufacture complex parts which are virtually impossible for humans to do by hands.

According to a research study of Science Advances, the researchers have proposed a system by fabricating actuators that mechanically control robotics systems. These devices control the robotics systems in response to the electrical signals that show various black and white images at various angles.

As per the first author of the study, Dr. Subramanian Sundaram the goal is to automatically find an optimal design for various problems. The output is further used to fabricate complex parts. The system allows the users from selecting the printing materials to find the optimal design for fabrication.

How the New System is Beneficial for Various Businesses?

Today, robotic actuators have become extensively complex. It has become quite compulsory for businesses to optimize actuators based on weight, efficiency, tangibility, power dissipation, appearance, and various other parameters. Usually, manufacturers did all these tasks manually. However, manual intervention led to multiple flaws in the final product. This resulted in an inconsistency in the quality of products. Nevertheless, with automated robotic systems, the businesses can keep the quality of the actuators consistent throughout the product line.

With the new automated system, the businesses can also create more complex robotic parts with even higher functional and operational matrix. This may result in better growth of business with better value addition. Moreover, the optimization of the actuators can also be easily taken care of with these advanced systems which may help the businesses to save a considerable amount of money. Furthermore, this shall help the businesses to elevate their profit quotient and have a better growth ratio.