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Early Treatment to Cure HIV virus Might not be Effective

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Published on : Jul 23, 2014

According to a research study, the virus of AIDS, HIV has the capacity of creating invulnerable strongholds in the host’s body rapidly. This has dashed hopes of early treatment for the condition, which might have been helpful to cure the virus.

In one case, a baby was thought to be cured with the new treatment after its birth, however, the virus emerged couple of years later. A research published in the journal Nature, says that that untouchable viral reservoirs are formed which are present even before the virus can be detected in the blood stream.

Many experts described this finding as sobering or striking. These reservoirs of HIV are present in the brain and gut tissue and are a massive hurdle in the way of finding a cure. Even though, remarkable progress is put in to developing antiretroviral drugs, this means that HIV can be kept under control in the bloodstream and patients will be able to have a near about normal life expectancy.

However, experts say that if this drug stops then the virus can reemerge from its reservoirs present in the gut and brain tissue. A lot of international research is aimed towards flushing the virus from these reservoirs in the body. But, there has been hope that the early treatment could completely prevent the reservoirs from forming in the first place.

According to a representative from the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, the data indicated that the reservoir of virus can be seeded substantially earlier than it was assumed previously. This is a sobering finding which poses additional hurdles to efforts aimed at HIV eradication.

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