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E-Cigarettes have Huge Potential in Helping People Quit Smoking - Study Suggests

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Published on : May 21, 2014

Researchers have found evidences suggesting that the use of e-cigarettes work better than most nicotine-based products, therapies or professional help or will-power in helping smokers quit cigarette - with chances counting more than 60%.

The findings are gathered from study conducted on almost 6,000 smokers over duration of five years.

Smoking is well known to be the world’s number one killer from diseases such as lung cancer and a variety of cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases.

E-cigarettes, as the research study suggests, could have an important role in eradicating this murderous addiction of smoking from the world, an addiction that is slowly and steadily clenching many innocent lives from over the world within its dangerous grip.

E-cigarettes have huge widespread appeal and an array of health gains associated with smoking cessation - an overall reduction in the number of tobacco related deaths from lung cancer and many other chronic respiratory diseases.

The study was led by Robert West, Epidemiology and Public Health Department, University College, London. It surveyed 5,863 subjects between the years 2009 to 2014; all of these smokers have tried quitting the habit by using professional help or prescription drugs, seeing little success.

The research has found out that of the number of people studied, only 10% reported to having quitting cigarettes with the aid of traditional de-addiction means, while nearly 20% of the ones who sought the use of e-cigarettes were able to quit smoking. Of the number of people who resided on will power only to quit smoking, 15% were found to have succeeded.


E-cigarettes are essentially cigarettes - keeping the shape and idea of supplying a stimulant to the bloodstream by inhaling it. They are electronic devices that contain a flavored liquid - not limited to but commonly based on nicotine, a major constituent of tobacco but considered largely harmless - that delivers the flavor directly in the bloodstream in the form of water vapors rather than in the smoke form from burning tobacco in conventional cigarettes. 

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