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Dutch Bank Launches Voice Activated Payments System through its Mobile App

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Published on : Jul 30, 2015

When accessing accounts online, users have to go through a numerous steps. They have to remember the password and give answers to countless security questions. However, a bank in Netherlands is researching on technology that it hopes will streamline the process of net-banking by rolling out a voice-activated system. 

The ING Netherlands Dutch Bank has released the all-new voice-activated payment system through its mobile banking app. The latest development is expected to provide quick and easy alternative to users than entering their password pins each time they wish to access their bank accounts online. The new system will let customers login to their bank accounts and check their balance or make payments by simply speaking. 

The internet and mobile marketing manager at ING, Jeroen Losekoot said that are also happy for the inclusion of biometric applications that has made banking faster, easier, and smoother for customers. The new technological developments are aimed to improve access for their customers. 

Moreover, the technologies are also intended to allow customers to have greater control over their finances. 

Nuance, a leading biometric company is supplying the technology for the voice-activated payment technology to the bank. Nuance specializes in providing speech recognition services. 

Nuance has been deploying voice biometrics through Nina, its virtual assistant, to streamline online access to a plethora of services over the last couple of years. The services range from booking theater tickets to reserving flights. 

Since the past couple of days, the company has been working closely with ING Netherlands to develop their mobile banking app and help customers with effectively using the tasks in their apps. However, it was only after the bank had formally made announcement earlier this week that the users for the first time were able to access their bank account through the mobile app using voice recognition alone.