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Drug Manufacturers to Upbeat in Spite of the Rupiah’s Depreciation

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Published on : Apr 07, 2015

All the domestic drug makers are confident that they will experience a steady growth 12% in sales this year which is supported by the increasing demand for medicine. The growth is expected due to the implementation of universal health insurance in the nation.

The drug makers believe that business will surpass the growth recorded in the last year which was 7.6% in sales that is quite less than expectations.

The deputy secretary general at Indonesian Pharmaceutical Association, Kendrariadi Suhanda stated that they are expecting a growth in sales to rise up to 10 and 12 percent this year and reach US$6 billion from around US$5.3 billion to 5.4 billion of the previous year. 

Kendrariadi Suhanda who is also the chairman of PMMC (Pharma Materials Management Club), further said that this industry recorded a substantial growth of 7.6 % in sales last year owing to the incorporation of universal health insurance that falls under the Health Care and Social Security Agency.

The universal health insurance has forced the cost of medicine to fall as the government has expanded the health coverage for everyone. It further introduced national health insurance in the beginning of the last year by means of universal insurance scope from BPJS Kesehatan.

Kendrariadi further added that, on the flip side, the establishment of BPJS Kesehatan had resulted in a positive impact on the pharmaceutical industry globally and has increased the demand for medicine.

Apart from that, Kendrariadi who also a director at Actavis, a pharmaceutical firm in Indonesia further stated that the depreciation of rupiah's had certainly affected the industry in the last year and accordingly to his predictions, this dynamic will also continue in this year.