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Drones Can Deliver AEDs and Save Cardiac Patients

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Published on : Jun 08, 2018

Technological advancements have extended the reach of humans in each and every field. And, drones are moving beyond merely military surveillance, agriculture, and product deliveries to transporting patients who need immediate care. The first unmanned aircraft, now known as drones, was initiated in U.S Military arsenal and is now being used by the larger population from farmers to photographers. Seeing the increasing scope it will be used in the time of need and during medical emergencies. It act as defibrillators and reach faster than ambulance for people suffering from cardiac arrest.

According to the records stated by American Heart Association, there are 356,000 deaths every year out of hospital in United States.  And, among those deaths, more than 90% of the death are fatal. Cardiac arrest is developed due to electrical malfunction in the heart, though it is curable most of the time if CPR is performed at the right time or the bystanders can use the portable devices called automated external defibrillators or AEDs.

Researches have shown that brain dies within three minutes after the heart stops beating, therefore drones are being tested as if they can swiftly get the defibrillators at the point of accident. According to various studies done in Canada and Sweden, drones are exponentially faster than an ambulance. A circulation study recently published had recorded that in Canada, AED delivery time was reduced by over 6 minutes by using drones in urban areas of Toronto.

In sensitive times where every second counts, it is highly important to have devices that can work fast and are steady and will lead in higher survival- said the director of the Centre for Healthcare Engineering at the University of Toronto – Timothy Chan. Through there are some restrains with the regulating and safety parameters attached with the use of drones – as how much time it takes to travel with and without the passengers, having integrated structure with the aviation industry, and the night effectivity of the Drones.