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Drag Coefficient Technology Is Making Cars Slipperier

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Published on : Mar 24, 2015

The innovative technologies that are embedded in new cars many a times put an adverse effect. One such technology that is being used in all the new vehicles is tending to make that vehicle slipperier. The drag coefficient technology used in vehicles measures the resistance of the vehicle or any object when it moves through fluid or sir. As per research, the lower the number of drag coefficient, the less fuel it will burns; however, with this low number the vehicle will become slipperier.

The use of new and powerful simulation software of computers by aerodynamicists and designers, the number of drag coefficient is dropping down at a very fast pace. With the use of technology they are also making use of wind tunnels to fascias, mirrors, tweak bumpers, roofs, and doors which will aids in enabling air to flow over smoothly, over and under the vehicle.

In the past few decades, the designers have been dropping the drag coefficient relentlessly. Mustang fastback, Ford’s third generation which was built from 1979 to 1993, has a drag coefficient of 0.44. The next model of 2005 to 2015, Mustang fastback experienced the drag coefficient to 0.37. Furthermore, the recent model of 2015 has a drag coefficient of almost three percent better.

Talking about other models, the drag coefficient of Chevrolet Corvette is 0.29, which is considered quite a good number and CLA sedan of Mercedes-Benz bears the drag coefficient of 0.23. Battery-powered Model S of Tesla's shows a drag coefficient of 0.24. XE compact sedan, of Jaguar's which is going to launch recently in Europe, has been considered as the slipperiest sedan which company has made till date which is 0.26.

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