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Domestic Companies to Gain from U.S. Tariff on Import of Solar Equipment

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Published on : Jan 23, 2018

The threat of global warming is here and present, prompting all nations alike to harness renewable energy. The technology pertaining to solar power has reached commercialization and the market for the equipment is flourishing. However, the U.S. government recently imposed new tariffs on the import of solar energy equipment into the country, which is expected to turn out to be a boon for the domestic companies such as FirstSolar, Tesla’s Gigafactory, and SolarWorld Americas, and Suniva Inc.

FirtSolar Inc., the Arizona-based company currently makes most of its solar panels in the country, and its thin-film panels come under a segment that is exempted from the tariffs announced under the leadership of President Trump.

Tesla’s Gigafactory is among the leading names in the country as far as solar panels is concerned, and stands to gain hugely since it has opened its first gigafactory in Buffalo in New York. The unit manufactures solar equipment in association with Panasonic Corp. Although, it remains to be seen how much demand can Tesla’s subsidiary can service as the company has so far mostly relied on overseas suppliers.

Suniva Inc. and SolarWorld are two home grown solar equipment manufacturers in the U.S. The companies have already thanked the new administration to carving a niche for them against Chinese manufacturers and have provided to rebuild the solar manufacturing capabilities of the U.S.

The decision is expected to mostly hurt the Chinese manufacturers, unless they decide to build their factories in the U.S. itself.