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Doctors to Prescribe 3 Wearable Innovations in Healthcare Technology

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Published on : Aug 09, 2017

New healthcare technologies have been brought into being that could support physicians in their everyday tasks as well as patients to better care for their health. Physicians have been expected to soon prescribe leading-edge wearable technologies to their patients, which could range from stethoscopes to tattoos.

Stethoscope, Ear Device, Temporary Tattoo Announce Arrival in Healthcare

Bearing the appearance of a henna tattoo, a breathable, lightweight, and an ultrathin sensor has been developed by Japanese scientists that could monitor vital signs of patients. It allows air to let in via minute gaps and is made from nanoscale mesh. This wearable device has been anticipated to not cause any irritation or inflammation of the skin.

Another wearable healthcare technology could show face for detecting core body temperature and also its fluctuations. 3D printed sensor works in assistance with an infrared sensor, a wireless module, and integrated data processing circuits. It has been envisaged to be one of the limited tracking innovations that could measure the health of patients in real time and also provide readings of their core body temperature.

Nanyang Polytechnic students in Singapore have invented a device that could monitor any abnormal heart sounds in cardiovascular disease patients. Smart StethoScope (S3) has already been introduced at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup World Finals. The inventors have hoped the device could be able to detect heart conditions which may not have been detected otherwise during medical appointments. For recording their heart data, patients have been projected to wear the device for only five minutes approximately.