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Djibouti-Ethopia Rail Line Nears Completion

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Published on : Jun 09, 2015

The leaders of Ethiopia and Djibouti will be overseeing the completion of the railway line that will link the capitals of Ethopia and Djibouti, hoping the link might extend across to West Africa in future.

The President of Djibouti Omar Guelleh and Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailmariam Desalegn will participate in the ceremony to commemorate the foundation of the last track in the overall rail line stretching at 752 kilometers. 

The whole project is financed and constructed by China, which links Addis Ababa with the port capital of Djibouti.

As per the schedule of the rail line, the first train will ply on the desert line in October, which will reduce the transport time taken to travel between the two capitals to below 10 hours. The current time to travel between the two cities is two days which heavy goods vehicles traverse through congested mountain road.

Almost 1500 trucks ply between Ethopia and Djibouti every day. In a time span of five years, the numbers will increase to 8,000, as commented by chairman of the port authority of Djibouti. It is way large a number for the congested mountain road hence need for the rail line.

The new rail line will have a capacity of 3,500 tonnes which is seven times the capacity of the existing line at its peak- this new electrified line is going to be mainly used for transportation of goods to the second most populous nation in Africa..

 The Ethiopian economy is growing at unprecedented speed, with majority of its imports passing through Djibouti. The construction will lead to mutual benefit, with Djibouti having access to the Ethiopian emerging market and Ethopia getting access to the sea.