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Discovery of a Genetic Link for Treating Liver Related Anomalies

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Published on : Mar 30, 2015

Most of the times, any kind of damage that happens to the liver is an irreversible process. But in almost 25 to 30% alcoholics the only solution for issues such as fibrosis, fat accumulation in the liver, and cirrhosis is liver transplant. Latest research and study indicates that certain types of gene mutations might lead to liver cirrhosis that is irreversible. There is likely to be a noteworthy breakthrough if at all there are dependable diagnostic markers coupled with genetic disposition that will lead to a greater number of alcoholics at a higher risk of developing irreversible cirrhosis. 

There have been several challenges in studying the problem of liver cirrhosis which is also known as the last stage liver anomaly or disease, since, majority of the animals that are used in the experiments are not known to have developed this disease. A research team developed a mouse prototype or model that had very low levels of ALR (Augmenter of liver regeneration) protein that is vital for the thriving of cells of the liver which are known as hepatocytes. The mice which have lower degrees of ALR end up developing very fatty livers, fibrosis, and inflammation. 

This was explained by Dr. Sudhir Kumar, who is a post doc researcher and also a leading member of the research group. This leads to the hypothesis that this protein may just about be a very important one, the deficiency of which could perhaps lead to immense injury to the liver because of tremendous stress, like the consumption of alcohol. For testing this hypothesis the concerned researchers provided normal and ALR deficient mice alcohol over a period of 4 weeks. As a result, these mice developed high degree liver fibrosis; which has been observed to be a similar type taking place in people. 

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