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Diet Pepsi to Replace aspartame with other Sweetener

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Published on : Aug 11, 2015

Diet Pepsi is finally letting go of the aspartame in it.  Driven by decreasing sales and concerns regarding the safety of its consumers, the North America division of PepsiCo has announced that it will soon bring to the market the Diet Pepsi without aspartame. This new Diet Pepsi will be sweetened with ace-K and sucralose. According to Pepsi executives, both these variants of Diet Pepsi, with and without aspartame, taste the same.

The new Diet Pepsi cans and packaging will have large lettering saying Now Aspartame Free.

PepsiCo has spent many years in trying to formulate the new Diet Pepsi sweetener that will also take care of customer concerns regarding the side effects of aspartame and also appeal to the tastes of consumers. In the past few years, sales of Diet Pepsi have hugely tumbled, as have of its arch-rival Diet Coke’s. Last year, sales volumes of Diet Pepsi were down -5.2% and the sales volumes of Diet Coke were down -6.6% in the U.S.

Now that Pepsi has come ahead with a sweetener to alternate the use of aspartame, with the claim that Diet Pepsi tastes the same with the sweetener as with aspartame, Diet Coke must be under pressure to make a similar move for reviving sales of its diet beverage. The shares of PepsiCo were slightly down in mid-day trading.

Seth Kaufman, the senior vice president of Pepsi and flavors, said that removing aspartame is the number one concern for Diet Pepsi consumers.

The change will apply to all the Diet Pepsi versions, such as Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi and Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, which have saccharin as the sweetener. These were reformulated with the use of aspartame in 1983, and then again with a blend of aspartame and ace-K in the year 2013.