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Despite High Initial Cost, Adoption of Packaging Robots High Among Manufacturers in China

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Published on : Nov 21, 2016

The burgeoning demand for various goods and services has compelled manufacturers to deploy the latest technologies to improve operational efficiency. Among the technologies making headway into the manufacturing units, packaging robot has already made a mark. The advanced technology helps simplifying one of the most crucial aspects within a manufacturing facility – packaging. Hence besides the proliferation of manufacturing units worldwide, the increasing demand for diverse products has impelled owners to opt for large scale automation. Consequently, the rising deployment of packaging robots is witnessed across industries. 

High Operational Efficiency Offered by Packaging Robots to Fuel their Uptake

Apart from the operational efficiency offered by packaging robots, the associated benefits such as lowering costs, reduced product damage, and increased accuracy achieved from installing robots in the packaging line will boost the global packaging robots market. Despite strong growth witnessed by the market, the high cost incurred on their initial set-up is limiting the uptake of packaging robots, especially across small and medium-scale industries.

A significantly large number of plants and unit operators are thus skeptical about deploying packaging robots. However, the Chinese players are keeping no stone unturned to capitalize on the technology. On the flip side, the lack of skilled laborers to handle packaging robots is creating challenges for the market. This concern is more crucial among industries located in underdeveloped regions. In addition, safety and contamination issues are limiting the deployment of packaging robots in pharmaceuticals and food and beverages industry.

Market Witnesses Increased Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sector

Experts see immense opportunities for packaging robots in the pharmaceutical industry. Deploying the technology would enable increasing lifting capabilities and operating speed, thus aiding the production process. Furthermore, packaging robots can help pharmaceutical product manufacturers by reducing the overall production cost and increasing their packaging efficiency. The increasing knowledge about these factors is expected to fuel the deployment of packaging robots in the forthcoming years.