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Desano and Viiv Healthcare Plan Manufacturing in China

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Published on : Jul 03, 2015

In a strategic manufacturing agreement, Desano Pharmaceuticals and ViiV healthcare made an announcement to commence production of dolutegravir in China. This will enable another source for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for dolutegravir, and will also enable Viiv Healthcare to offer competitive supply of the final product (dolutegavir 50 mg, which will be marketed under the brand name Tivicay) for the China market and few other developing countries, which is subject to national approvals.

This will strengthen the ViiV healthcare commitment for improved access for people living with HIV, particularly countries that are hard-hit by the disease.

The manufacturing contract with Desano for the production of dolutegravir is a significant one for higher accessibility to medicines. The recent agreement with Medicines Patent Pool and other initiatives for medicine access is continuing towards the efforts for ongoing commitment to make the medicines reachable to countries where it is most needed, as commented by Chief Executive Officer at ViiV healthcare.

Desano, which is based in Shanghai is high quality product manufacture, hence it suits well to partner with ViiV Healthcare. As per the contract Desano will manufacture API of the drug dolutegravir to push into the Viiv/GSK Healthcare supply chain to be available in China and other countries that are included in the agreement.

Desano and Viiv Healthcare are also looking into other options for further manufacture of final product and fixed ratio combinations of dolutegravir with APIs.

Desano, being one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China which is into development, manufacture, and supply of antiretroviral (ARV) APIs and also finished pharmaceutical drugs, is privileged to be venturing with ViiV healthcare to produce high quality and competitive supply of dolutegravir and its associated combinations, as said by President of Desano Pharmaceuticals. He also said the company believes in working with ViiV Healthcare to contribute to the global aim of availability of treatment options.