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Depression can be Treated with Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Pain Killers

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Published on : Oct 22, 2014

According to observations and research, depression can be treated with over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines and painkillers that are easily available in pharmacies. This meta analysis research study was carried out by a research team at the Aarhus University, and this has been published in the JAMA Psychiatry journal. This 14 international studies based meta-analysis took into account more than 6000 patients who were either suffering from depression or were exhibiting individual symptoms of the same.

It is believed that about 15% of the Danish population is bound to suffer from depression at some point of time or the other in their lives. According to the World Health Organization, one of the main reasons for loss of quality of life and longevity these days is depression. Researchers from all over the world are trying to develop effective treatments for this rather grave condition.
Years of research and studies have proved the correlation between physical problems and depression. Physical conditions include infections and painful conditions in the human body.

This correlation between depression and physical problems has been supported by meta analysis, and it has also been proved that when anti depressants are coupled with anti-inflammatory drugs, a positive impact can be observed in the course of treating depression.

When these two types of drugs are brought together, there are greater chances of providing patients with personalized options for treatment in the long run.

The latest conclusion drawn from meta analysis is that researchers for the very first time are certain about the positive impact of anti-inflammatory drugs on depression. It is however, yet to be clarified which types of patients can successfully benefit from these medicines and the size of the dozes that are to be administered. 

The main problem with depression is that it is yet to known which factors trigger this mental condition.

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