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Deployment of Telecom API Supports Higher Revenue Generation for Telecom Operators: Here’s how

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Published on : May 24, 2016

The telecommunications sector is on a continuous growth trajectory. Phone booths and corded phones are now a rarity; the use of 4G LTE networks for data transfer has brought a radical change in the telecommunications space presently. Today, cellular connectivity is an integral part of the world’s economy and provides opportunities for telecom companies to leverage this platform for innovative services. In the future years, it is anticipated that application program interface (API) will be primarily used as a medium for the innovation of telecom services to offer value-added services. 

In the present scenario, telecom operators are recognizing the importance of adopting API as it leads to new streams for revenue generation for business development. The installation of API allows application developers to bundle services such as voice payment, SMSW, and WebRTC. Consequently, this results in soaring subscription of these applications and increased revenue earnings per user. To make the most of these services, telecom operators are investing heavily to install proprietary API platform in alliance with service providers aggregators. This is because API platforms are means for the optimization of software application and monetization at the end-to-end level.

Telecom operators are adopting API platforms for several reasons. Using this, the can handle the competition faced from over-the-top service providers for higher returns of revenue. Telecom operators have recognized the threat of over-the-top players and the increasing competition from other mobile network operators. Over-the-top services deliver film and TV content via the Internet sans subscription to traditional cable or satellite pay-TVs for viewing the content. Thus, telecom API opens opportunities for telecom carriers for increased revenue generation by selling APIs to program developers around the world. Mobile network operators are benefitting immensely from the adoption of telecom API platforms.