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Dependence on Technology Manifests across Business Sectors, Use of Modern Equipment Renders High-value Returns

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Published on : Feb 04, 2016

Currently, advancing technology is the backbone of a large number of industries. The boon of this has been significantly witnesses in some business areas such as construction and agriculture. With most countries of the world emerging out of the 2006 economic recession, sophisticated infrastructural development is on the growth charts of these countries. Other than novel technologies, the utilization of advanced construction equipment is necessary for accomplishing these mega-budget projects. 

In modern construction, the utilization of hydraulic hose is significantly important for several reasons. These are high-pressure tubes that are designed to transport fluids with the underlying reason transfer thrust inside any hydraulic machinery. As such, selection of material for the hose is vitally important for high abrasion resistance, low weight, high flexibility, and the ability to withstand high pressure. Hydraulic hose that are fabricated of thermoplastics befit the purpose. For a hydraulic hose, the use of couplings is a given for interconnecting or tightening two ends of the hose.

In Asia Pacific, agrarian economies such as India have been significantly benefitted with the use of modern agricultural practices. This involves the use of hydraulic hose fabricated of thermoplastics for irrigation needs to maintain the liquid thrust. Nevertheless, the high maintenance cost of the equipment makes it unaffordable for small farmers. Using alternative materials that are advanced composites of thermoplastics, such as fiberglass and fluoropolymers, the development of cost-effective equipment will result in higher utilization of hydraulic hose not compromising on the strength and durability of the equipment.

In the recent past, developed countries of North America and Europe exhibited sluggish demand for hydraulic hose and couplings. However, with end of the 2006 economic recession, the construction sector will display a substantial demand for the equipment in the coming years. Other than this, industries that operate on automated components require maintenance on a regular basis. As such, lubrication lines of a large number of end-use industries will display substantial utilization of hydraulic hose and ancillary devices for maintenance reasons. Some other applications of hydraulic hose and ancillary devices are agriculture equipment, power and mobile telephony equipment, and lubrication lines among others. 

Parker Hannifin Corporation, Eaton Corporation Plc, Nitta Corporation, Polyhose India Pvt. Ltd., and NRP Jones are some major companies involved in the hydraulic hose business.