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Demand for Organic Food from Health Freaks Growing Rapidly

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Published on : Feb 10, 2015

According to senior official at a hypermarket in Doha, the demand for organic food is growing rapidly. The official has observed more than 20 per cent rise in the amount of the total customers and turnover as compared to the previous year. 

Organic food is farmed using bio fertilizers or using organic manure in a soil which is specially developed using no synthetic or chemical based fertilizers. Many of the organic produce which includes fruits, seeds, vegetables, pasta, cereals, candies, chocolates, jams, biscuits and many others are not arriving in the local market on a local basis.

The senior manager at a Consumer Good Company said given the demand for growing organic food, they have started importing organic food which is popular in Europe. Currently, they have shelves with around 100 items, which include many products such as chips, jams, pasta, candies, and chocolates. He further said that the local farm have even started producing organic vegetables which include eggplants, cucumber, tomatoes in few quantities and most amount of the production is sourced from other countries such as Netherlands, the US, New Zealand, the UK, Lebanon and many other countries.

Few years back, the demand was limited to a small segment of higher or middle income people. But, increasing health awareness regarding the benefits of organic food along with the growing income levels has resulted in a growing customer base, sources stated.