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Demand for Nuts and Seeds Rise Worldwide as Consumers Become Aware of their Health Benefits

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Published on : Apr 27, 2016

A variety of nuts and seeds form an important part of everyday diets of a large share of the global population. Nuts are the vast array of hard shelled dry fruits that have edible kernels. Seeds are the embryonic plants, which are cordoned in seed coats. Nuts and seeds contain essential minerals, nutrients, and proteins, making them rich in their nutritional value.

A variety of edible ripe seeds are derived from sources such as nuts, cereals, and legumes and are utilized in a variety of applications in the food and beverages industries. Nuts are usually consumed in their raw form or are used as an ingredient in snacks and several food items. Many nuts also find numerous applications in the cosmetic industry. A number of cooking and essential oils are extracted from nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are also an imperative component of a number of spices and condiments.

The global market for nuts and seeds must be one of the oldest markets worldwide. In the past, several nuts and seeds formed the core of many cuisines. Many local nuts and seeds had limited consumers and were only available in select parts of the world, but with time, their availability widened on a global front and so did their consumption. Over the past few years, factors such as the shifting consumption patterns of the consumers and the rising popularity of nuts and seeds owing to innovative marketing attempts undertaken by healthcare bodies, nutritionists, and food and beverages companies have led to the flourishing growth of the global nuts and seeds market.

It is known that the moderate consumption of several kinds of nuts and seeds have major positive impacts on the human health, such as reduced incidence of coronary heart diseases, lowered blood cholesterol levels, prevention of gallstones, and prevention of diseases such as diabetes. Many other health complications such as blood pressure, visceral adiposity, and metabolic syndrome can also be properly managed with the moderate consumption of nuts and seeds.

Apart from these factors, the increased global consumption of genetically modified crops is also leading to the increased demand for a variety of nuts and seeds in the global market.