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Dancing Could Help Older Women Stay Active

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Published on : Dec 20, 2018

The impact of physical activity on the health of humans has been studied for decades, and a number of researchers and medical professional have found key inferences in this regard. A recent study conducted by a team of researchers elucidates the role of 16 different forms of exercises in alleviating the occurrence of disabilities in older women. The study was conducted on a sample of 1103 Japanese women who were dwellers of the same community and did not suffer from Activities of Daily Living (ADL) disability. The women in the sample were asked if they were used to doing any of the 16 exercises, and a follow up of 8 years was used to gauge ADL disabilities.

Results of Study

A total of 130 participants were found to suffer from ADL disabilities during the follow-up period. It was found that the women who were actively involved in dancing has a 73% less likelihood of suffering from ADL disabilities. The researchers used this finding to infer that dancing had a positive impact on older women’s physical activity. However, the researchers could not find any palpable relation between ADL disability and other types of exercises.

Key Inferences

The researchers are still unsure as to why dancing alone has a positive impact on the physical activity of women. However, it has been estimated that the strength, balance, posture, and endurance required for dancing could be one of the reasons behind this tendency. It is expected that a number of other researchers and medical professionals would engage in similar researchers to find a basis for the current findings.