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Cyber-Criminal Accused of Stealing Billion Euro, Arrested

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Published on : Mar 27, 2018

A cybercrime genius doubted for the theft of about US$108.15 mn has been arrested in Spain. The individual is affirmed to be the leader of the crime group that ran the Carbanak and Cobalt malware campaign that focused banks. Europol said the gang was active since 2013 and penetrated over 100 banks that time. Money was redirected by means of bank exchanges or apportioned naturally through cash machines. The arrest was a "huge achievement" against a well-known crime gang, Steven Wilson, leader of Europol's Cyber-Crime Center (EC3), which coordinated the long-running, cross-border examination concerning the gathering, said in an announcement. "The arrest of the culprit in this crime gang delineates that cyber-criminal can never again escape behind apparent international anonymity," he said.

Further Insights:

The cyber-criminals got their malware on to bank systems by sending key staff booby-trapped phishing messages, said Europol. The criminals utilized three separate levels of malware, every one of them more advanced than the last, to enter and after that prowl on financial systems.

Once the machines of key staff were traded off, the pack utilized their remote access to keeping financial systems to steal cash in a few diverse ways.

  • cash machines were ordered to remotely administer cash at particular time - giving donkeys and other criminals a chance to collect the notes
  • inter-bank cash exchange frameworks were told to move money into criminal records
  • databases were changed to grow account balances.

 Money were exchanged through payment cards and crypto-currencies that were utilized to purchase goods such as houses or cars.