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Cyber Bullying Proving to be a Dreadful Issue

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Published on : Apr 24, 2015

On Thursday, Wu Se-hwa, the Minister of Education stated that he would be supporting the legislation against the issues of cyberbullying, if Taiwan is planning to incorporate such laws.

Wu Se-hwa was communicating with the reporters for his comments on the death of a actress and model Peng Hsin-yi, more commonly known by her stage-name Cindy, which happened on Tuesday. Peng Hsin-yi allegedly committed suicide just after a verbal attack which was launched against her some of the social media platforms.

Wu Se-hwafurther said that, in this digital life, there are many different platforms for presenting and communicating personal views; however a special feature of Internet is that it provides a certain type of anonymity which may boost cyber-bullying to an extend in the coming years.

He further added that Peng's case has thrown some light on the problem of cyber-bullying and the tremendous for some new regulations which will protect personal freedom of an individual.

On this issue, the Taichung District Prosecutors Office commented that cyber-bullying is determined in Taiwan as a very potentially indictable offence which will be launching an investigation in the case of Peng's death.

The chief prosecutor at the office, Chang Hsiao-wen, stated that cyberbullying is an offence which comprises rumormongering and constitute an offense like public insult or libel only if the complaint has been lodged by the victim's partner or any of the relatives.

In the suicide note which was found on Tuesday near her body, read that she had been a victim of cyberbullying and she wanted that this issue should be highlighted so that people get aware of the serious issues.

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