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Cuba Becomes the Most Searched Destination After Obama Relaxes Travel Regulations

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Published on : Mar 04, 2015

After President Barack Obama and Raul Castro, the Cuban President relaxed the travel restrictions between the two countries, online travel booking sites are looking forward to offering great trip packages to Havana. The new destination seems to be the hotspot for online booking companies as the sworn enemies try to restore their diplomatic relationship.

CEO of CheapAir.com Jeff Klee stated that the change in the rule is like to see a huge number of travelers visiting Cuba from United States. He further added that though booking flights for Cuba is complicated, their portal is well-equipped to manage it and making such trips a possibility for curious travelers. The portal has built a clever mechanism to enable Cuba booking in a matter of a week.

In addition to CheapAir.com travel sites such as Kayak.com also showed a decent number of choices of flights for Cuba and hotels to stay. However, Kayak.com does not allow its users to make any bookings for Cuba. Another travel site to follow suit was Cheapflights.com. The site stated that it saw users and travelers showing an interest in Cuba after President Obama made announcements about relaxing the travel and trade restrictions. 

Cheapflights.com further added that a for a few days after President Obama made the announcements about easing the travel ban for Cuba, the destination was the most searched on this travel site. The rule now allows Americans from 12 the categories such as to travel to Cuba. Those interested to travel are eager to get a snapshot of the place before it changes, just as those who travelled to East Berlin immediately after the wall came down.