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Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Dietary Supplements Smuggled into Vietnam from China

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Published on : Jun 29, 2015

Imitation Chinese cosmetics, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals have been smuggled into Vietnam in large amounts during this year according to an anti-smuggling committee. The crime was conducted using sophisticated methods according to the Steering Committee 39 the official organization against smuggling, fraud, and counterfeit goods.

The committee did not provide any information about the exact volumes of the fake dietary supplements, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals that were brought into Vietnam through imports.  The committee did not discuss ways of coping with the smuggling issue or solutions to resolve the criminal actions. Many companies have registered brand names similar to protected trademarks. These products would mislead customers to buying their imitation pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and fake dietary supplements. 

The local companies send their products through outsourcing to China manufacturing companies, and these same products are smuggled back into the country and repacked and sold with labels that claim to be made in Vietnam. The committee has discovered a company that had 80 types of labels printed in China ready to be stuck on to fake goods for local sale.

Police in Hanoi have found and seized 20 metric tons of fake goods from a Vietnamese company. Vietnam had imports of more than VND2.4 trillion worth of dietary supplements from China during the previous year.

During the first 5 months of this year, the overall value of dietary supplements imported into Vietnam from several countries, accounted to approximately VND1.4 trillion by nearly 500 local registered importers.

The two nations have bilateral ties and in the ASEAN region Vietnam is second largest trade partner with China.

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