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Construction Undertakings in BRICS Nations Hold Promise for Chemicals Industry, Specialty Chemicals Sector Benefits too

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Published on : Feb 22, 2016

Construction chemicals are a class of specialty chemicals used in the construction sector. In construction undertakings of any type, commercial, residential, or industrial these chemicals are used in order to provide higher durability and also to provide sustainability to the structure against adverse environmental conditions.

Construction chemicals are special formulations, which need to be added in specific amounts in concrete, cement, or other building materials. Thus, using these chemicals the visual, functional, and design requirements of building construction projects. In doing so, civil contractors, design professionals, and concrete manufacturers are benefitted in the form of receiving assistance for the high degree of structural rigidity in the restoration of old structure and development of new buildings as well.

Currently, the BRICS nations offer immense opportunities for the development of the construction chemicals market. In these countries, the rapid urbanization and infrastructural development are the reasons for this. Governments in these countries are making conscientious efforts to bridge demand-supply gap for housing needs both monetarily and physical assistance. In this context, China is ahead of all the BRICS nations for the volume demand for construction chemicals in the past years.

In Brazil, the forthcoming Olympic Games of 2016 has led to massive construction projects for stadiums, race courses, which has benefited the construction chemicals industry immensely. India exhibits a significantly high demand for construction chemicals due to several reasons. Firstly, the land is home to a large number of historical buildings, ancestral homes of families, governmental and administrative buildings, etc. that need large amount of repairs to save the structure from collapsing. These buildings are associated with heritage and sentimental values, which would require newer restoration techniques and newer building materials for these structures to last long.

In India, the state of newly constructed buildings is also dismal. This is resulting in an increased demand for building restoration material such as construction chemicals. Tropical climate and practices of using inferior quality material by civil contractors are the main reasons for this. The Indian construction chemical industry, known as the Sunrise Industry, is developing at a rapid pace over the past few years. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals organize an industry meet every year to bring advancement in the sector.

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