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Construction Resumes on Large Telescope in Hawaii

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Published on : Jun 23, 2015

The construction activity of the US$1.4 billion telescope on the land which is considered sacred by some of the native Hawaiians is going to resume on Wednesday, according to a nonprofit company that has undertaken the project.

Henry Yang, who is the chairman of the project named ‘Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory Board” in a statement said, the board is moving ahead after more than two months of deliberations.

The period of inactivity in resulted it to be a better organization for the long run. Yang also said, the organization is in comfortable state to be better stewards and nicer neighbors which happened during the limited and temporary use of the precious land. This allows the organization to explore the heavenly land and extend the science boundaries in humanity’s interest.

The planned telescope is scheduled for Mauna Kea on the Hawaiian big island. This would be at the largest telescopes in the world.

The company has suspended construction in April after law enforcement made an arrest for protestors who blocked the road to the summit and who refused to leave the site of construction. 

Kealoha Pisciotta, who was one of the protestors and one of the plaintiff who was challenged for the construction of the telescope’s permit commented on Sunday that Yang’s announcement has come as a surprise. 

She further commented on phone, that it was a clear indication of lack of faith. This was commented on a telephonic conversation on her way to give a talk at the sacred site at Hawaii. 

The telescope project is receiving big funding from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation which is based in San Francisco. This announcement appeared after a day the Supreme Court of Hawaii made an announcement that there will be oral hearings on August 27, which is about challenging the permit for the telescope.