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Construction Industry Booming in Utah

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Published on : Mar 16, 2015

The currently robust economy of Utah is feeding one of the strongest construction sectors in the United States.

The Utah construction industry is primarily driven by the increasing demand for industrial and commercial space. This applies specifically to Wasatch Front. The construction industry is currently in the midst of one of the greatest upswings after the recession.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that there is expected to be a 2.6 per cent growth in the compound annual rate of growth through 2022 for all Utah construction jobs. The statistics make it one of the fastest growing industries in the coming decade.

Richard Thorn, the President of the Associated General Contractors of Utah, said that he has not seen this kind of growth in a long time. Utah signing bonuses of US$5,000 and US$10,000 have also returned.

The mid 2000 real estate boom was led by single family homes in Nevada, California, and Florida and so was the bust that followed. Although California, Florida, and Texas have seen the largest rises in raw number of employments in construction over the past year, the fastest rates of growth have still belonged to North Dakota and Utah.

The extra demand has created a boost in needs for structural steel workers, crane operators, and concrete finishers. The development of technology in the construction industry has forced site managers to become increasingly technically adept than their previous batches.

Thorn said that technology has always had an impact. If you are an operator in heavy equipment now and you are in the seat of a bulldozer, you will know the difference. The new machines are similar to high tech gaming systems that are completely computer controlled.