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Construction Giants China Planning New Construction on the South China Sea Islands

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Published on : Aug 06, 2015

China to continue with their construction plans on the Pag-asa Island, irrespective of the pressure from U.S., Japan, and ASEAN countries. China was under pressure from these countries who criticized on its reclamation plans. Recently, China completed its land repossession work in the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea. Beijing’s island construction work resulted in to growing criticism from the United States and other neighbors. 

According to Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, the construction work on the reclaimed island will continue. The construction project on the island would be featured with emergency rescue facilities, medical facilities, marine installation, meteorological installation, and lighthouse. 

Earlier, Beijing showed little concern in the Code of Conduct, but later, in 2013, they settled upon consultations. Tanasak Patimapragom, Thai foreign minister, said that ASEAN and China have agreed with the consultations. Secretary Kerry advised China to end the challenging task of land reclamation. The South China Sea is considered to be one of the prime shipping route for gas and oil reserves. Beijing, recently claimed to have control on almost whole of the South China Sea. Many of the claims of ASEAN members, The Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, and Malaysia have, overlap. Wang, on the other hand, suggested that U.S. and other countries should leave China alone, if they have not claimed anything.   

According to the ASEAN members, China’s act of land reclamation will hurt diplomatic ties and will cause tensions. Galvez stated that the ASEAN’s demand to stop land reclamation activities of China for the South China Sea Island, is merely a sign that displays the views of its members. Galvez also stressed on his opinion that freedom of navigation around the South China Sea will be effected due to China’s actions of land reclamation. 

China publically announced that land reclamation work has been stopped just because they have constructed what they had intended to. China is now focusing on building artificial islands like Zamora (Subi), Kennan (Chigua), Burgos (Gaven), and Mabini (Johnson South) which are within the Philippine territory.