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Conservative Scotland MP to Open Food Bank in Dumfries

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Published on : Jul 22, 2015

The only conservative MP in Scotland is now gearing up to open a new food bank in Dumfries. 

Earlier Scottish Secretary David Mundell had questioned the claims of a link between his party’s welfare reforms and food bank use. In fact Mr. Mundell’s action of distancing welfare reforms from food bank use was also criticized by Labor MSPs and SNP. 

Another food bank in Dumfries that is run by the First Base Agency also claimed that Tory policies were only aiding poverty and food bank use.  Mr. Mundell who is a Conservative MO for Dumfries-shire, Tweeddale, and Clydesdale is about to open the Trussell Trust food bank by the end of this week. 

Speaking about his decision to open a food bank on Dumfries Mr. Mundell said that the claims made by Mark Frankland, who volunteers for the First Base Agency, on welfare-related hardship should be considered as a pinch of seasoning, since he is an upfront supporter of Scottish independence. 

Earlier this year in February, the Scottish Secretary told to Holyrood’s Welfare Reform Committee that there are three key issues, which are most commonly encountered by the food banks in Scotland, and these are delays in sanction, benefit payment, and low income. He added that a welfare reform should be independent of these three issues. 

Earlier, a Trussell Trust press release announced that visits by Mr. Mundell entails that the welfare reforms are only causing hardship for families as well as individuals, and that one of the underlying causes fuelling poverty is the benefit change. 

The network manager of Trussell Trust, Edwan Gurr said that just like several small rural towns around the world, Dumfries is also impacted by the escalating food and fuel prices. The situation has only worsened in the recent times with local residents witnessing insecurity in employment and welfare reforms. This has further fuelled the financial hardship for the many families and individuals living across the entire local authority of Galloway and Dumfries.