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Connected Car Security Risks on the Rise While Security Firms Rush to Develop Better Protection

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Published on : Jun 15, 2016

The Internet of Things phenomenon continues to develop in all aspects of utility, including in the automotive industry. The coupling of the IoT with the connected car systems has not only led the code developers running round the clock for better usability, but has also created a niche in hacking and security that is rapidly making its mark as a cause of concern. And not without reason; most automobile companies test the car in crashes and stress tests, but seldom apply relative tests on the software inside the car’s computers.

IoT is Changing Connectivity in Cars
IoTs can effectively address one of the core needs for connected cars. They impart the ability to quickly manage and analyze all linked data. The same can be applied to manufacturing, where the IoT can be used to immediately convey messages that would otherwise take much longer to be delivered and acknowledged. However, most of the changes in the current markets are rather discreet and small scaled, but the future does hold a major set of opportunities as development stages proceed.

Symantec Releases Connected Car Cyber Protection
There is an undoubtedly high interest taken by security experts over car software. One of the top names that recently made its mark in the connected cars scene is Symantec, with its release of an automotive security service package. 

An early study had mentioned that there would be nearly 220 mn connected cars out on the roads by 2020. This is indeed a major cause of concern as the software and connectivity angles in cars begin to rise. With the top cyber security firms stepping into this market, car cyber security is rapidly moving off from the blueprints and in to reality. With the addition of hotspot facilities and remote roadside assistance, the modern cars have shown that they can be just as risky as they can be helpful. In the long run, security companies and automotive companies need to work together in order to maintain product and service integrity and retain a high trust rate with consumers.