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Concord Business Owner Charged with Smuggling Ivory, Wildlife Items

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Published on : May 06, 2015

A Concord woman is charged by federal prosecutors of having ties with an unidentified export business house in Middlesex County and conspiring to aid smuggle goods such as rhinoceros’ head, coral jewelry, and ivory to China.

The woman Carla Marsh is charged for conspiring, charting false wild life reporting, and also aiding smuggling from the United States. As per prosecutor’s allegations, she changed the packaging and shipped items from U.S to Hong Kong that gave a false description of the items and its value.

As per prosecutors, goods over US$700,000 were illegally shipped from the U.S. The evidence of the charging documents such as emails exposes the business owner. Marsh coached a co-conspirator, also under allegation, about ways to ship the items with minimal chances of being detected by customs.

As per email evidence, one item the co-conspirator demanded was a rhinoceros head though it is unclear if she was able to help with it. Responding to the demand of the co-conspirator, Carla wrote she could send the ivory to the Hong Kong address. She further added if the package is sent by express mail through the post office, there are some chances of the package being tracked. However if the package gets lost it is almost impossible to track the package.

She also wrote express mail was less expensive than UPS and has less chances of being scrutinized over customs and packages that go through UPS. She ended by wishing a safe journey to China and hoped all items reached safely. 

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