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Concerns Regarding Adverse Health Effects of Sugary Drinks Boosting Demand for Bottled Water

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Published on : May 16, 2016

Although clean and free (or nearly free) drinking water is considered to be one of the most basic rights of every living being, bottled water represents one of the largest commercial categories in the global beverages industry. Bottled water is also one of the fastest selling drinks on a global front.

Many factors are at play behind the lucrative run of the global bottled water market, including the rising awareness about the adverse effects of sugar sweetened carbonated drinks and the easy availability of several interesting flavors in the functional water category. These factors have led to an increased global consumption of bottled water in the past few years. Portable packaging of bottled water, ensuring the easy adoption of clean and pure water, is also a significant driver of the global market for bottled water.

In the past few years, many detailed research studies have surfaced worldwide that tag the high consumption of sugar-sweetened carbonated drinks to a number of diseases. Starting with the direct implications such as unhealthy weight gain and obesity, the effects of sugar sweetened carbonated drinks have been demonstrated to extend to other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, irregular blood pressures, and several heart related conditions.

The direct impact of these highly popular beverages on national economies that spend significant amounts on ensuring proper healthcare of their subjects is prompting government and private bodies on raising awareness among consumers. This is indirectly providing to a significant traction to the global market for plain or flavored bottled water.

In certain parts of the world, there is one more factor leading to the exhaustive expansion of the global bottled water market: the unavailability or scarcity of clean tap water. In countries such as China, India, and Mexico, where cleanliness of water bodies is major issue and filtration techniques adopted to clean drinking water are not very advanced, the reliable bottled water is preferable over tap water. In several other parts of the world as well, clean water is not readily available, making bottled water a prime necessity for the population.