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Company Proposes Technology to Help Airlines Solve Overbooking Problem

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Published on : Feb 14, 2018

Qantas, JetBlue, British Airways, and other top airlines have been examining a technology that could make the problem of overbooking a rarity. Passengers are usually offered cash at the gate in exchange of their willingness to take a later flight in case of overbooking. U.S. carriers took an oath to revise their policies following a backlash that sparked against United Airlines on the internet last year when a passenger was forcefully removed from an overbooked flight. Yet, we see many airlines overbooking their flights just because a few passengers may not show up. However, if Volantio’s technology takes off, there could be a relief for faithful passengers while airlines earn additional profit on the way.

Airlines could free up Seats to Rebook Passengers Following Disruptions

Azim Barodawala, Volantio CEO, has said that the technology could help airlines to make tickets available for last-minute travelers who could be ready to pay a premium. Furthermore, they could shift passengers potentially from flights that are high in demand. This offers them a chance to generate additional income and also make two other parties, i.e. last-minute and flexible travelers, better off. They could contact any passenger opting in to Volantio’s system. In order to identify passenger types ready to change flights, information available on the flight list and other data could be used by machine learning algorithms.

However, there are privacy concerns over who can be contacted. Nevertheless, Barodawala has said that partners with whom Volantio has worked until now have generally allowed the company to reach out to them via a marketing permissions setting.

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