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Companies in Global 3D Printing Market Increasingly Launching All-in-One Products

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Published on : Oct 07, 2015

The technology of 3D printing is progressing at a rapid pace. Each year we get to see innovative products in the market. In the past few years, the efficiency and speed of 3D printers has increased by a great extent. In addition to this, now 3D printers can be deployed for mass customizations. This is especially prominent in the medical field, in which 3D printers are able to offer mass customization of medical parts and simultaneously offer individual customization in the batch.

Nevertheless, the latest market trend in 3D printing technology is that of integration. At present, companies are trying to develop 3D printers that come with other features such as 3D scanning and milling. This trend has become a good business opportunity for players operating in the global 3D printing market. A company has recently launched a 3D printer that comes with other valuable features.

This is a robotic 3D printer that also acts as a laser cutter, fabricator, drawing and ink printer, and assembly machine all combined into one. This 3D printer fits on a desktop and is promising pretty cool features such as milling a logo into a block of wood. The product is called Makerarm.

The machine claims to possess the ability to make high quality objects that are generally reserved for more expensive printer models. The presence of precision joints and high powered lasers in this gadget provide high quality etching and carving. According to the makers of Makerarm 3D printer it can function in the largest work area of under 30” diameter among the 3D printers.

According to the co-founder of Makerarm, they created this gadget after realizing that there was lack of good all-in-one 3D printers. Hence, they created a product that works as a 3D printer and laser cutter. At present, Makerarm is available for pre-order and costs around US$1000