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Collaboration between IHME and the WHO to Better Worldwide Health Information

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Published on : May 11, 2015

Recently, the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation along with the World Health Organization signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) wherein both the international bodies have decided on chalking out the various crucial areas that need to be worked on in order to improve and better the use and quality of the worldwide health estimates. This is being done to measure and ascertain the challenges that the entire world is facing when it comes to healthcare and medical aid. 

This agreement has received a rather positive response from the World Health Organization because this international body is always in support of consistency, accessibility, and transparency of healthcare estimates which in turn enable policymakers come up with informed decisions that pertain to the essentials of public healthcare programs. It has also been concluded that these need to be prioritized and much research is also essential for the same. 

However, it has been noticed by medical specialists that there is very limited information that is available for each and every population and for each year. Despite the availability also, it is not necessarily comparable on a yearly basis since these are mainly derived from various sources like hospital records, research projects, and even household surveys. As a result, the findings tend to vary significantly. The results tend to be very varying because of estimates that are based on statistical models which make use of irregular data. 

Due to this, collaboration between academic institutions, other UN agencies, and even the WHO is necessary for improving most of the global healthcare/health estimates. This will gradually lead to greater utility and accuracy of the information available on healthcare that will help the countries to channelize resources to those areas that need it the most. 

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