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Coke to Extend Campaign for Designated Drivers

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Published on : Nov 17, 2015

Coca-Cola Enterprises has planned to extend its Designated Driver campaign 2015. The annual campaign was initiated to reward vehicle owners and motorists for being designated drivers. The campaign is being chalked out to extend across a larger number of brands and spread through a larger number of bars and pubs across the U.K.

Beginning on the first of December, Coca-Cola will offer those driving to pubs and bars their second soft drink free of charge every time they buy a drink from the Coke line, including Schweppes, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Life, and the classic Coca-Cola.

The campaign for 2015 has been extended to Schweppes’ newly launched Sparkling Juice Drinks. This has also included the Appletiser into the line-up for the first time.

Coca-Cola Enterprises has also planned to boost its reach to take in a larger number of pubs and bars that have parking lots and also a larger number of community-based and destination pubs. The move is expected to create a larger number of driving engagements with young adults as well as families that lay in the company’s motorist-based target audience.

To help the campaign spread further, a new online Designated Driver Pub Finder is scheduled to go live on the 14th of December for customers who can then search for a relevant location close to them.

The online portal will be supported mostly by digital advertising in order to boost page traffic through the search engines. It is expected to encourage the consumers to utilize the Designated Driver campaign to the fullest.

The current campaign follows in the footsteps of the 2014 campaign that saw a large success rating as the wet sales of participating bars and pubs rose 8.7% in volume.