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Coke Life Product Discussed for Health Claims

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Published on : Apr 02, 2015

Coca-Cola has a new addition to its range of beverages called Coke Life. This product is targeted at those people who want relatively less sugar content in their diet. The health campaigners claim it to be a sugar-laden. 

It is a carbonated caramel colored product that was launched in Chile and Argentina in 2013 and then went global. In last 128 years, Coke Life is the only fourth drink to be launched under the Coke brand. Coke Life is marketed at health-conscious consumers. 

According to Coca-cola the drink contains 35 percent less sugar and fewer calories as compared to other Coke drinks. The company claims that the calorie energy levels are rated lower than the normal standards. This is due to the presence of stevia. Stevia is a sugar substitute. The U.S. banned the use of stevia in the early 1990s due to health concerns.

The 2011 review about the Coca-Cola argument found that the use of stevia sweeteners might benefit the diabetic patients as it is a non-caloric additive. This review was published in the Food Sciences and Nutrition Journal. 

However, despite the health claims health experts say that the drink is high in sugar content. The main concern from health campaigner is that the amount of sugar is reduced to 10 teaspoons in a 600ml bottle that has very less impact of a healthy lifestyle. The concern comes from a group called Obesity Policy Coalition.  

As quoted by Jane Martin, the argument said that there is no commitment to halt the promotion of the sugar brands. The business is still the same. The cutbacks of promotions are witnessed particularly through sports and remove it from schools.  

There is hardly any difference between standard Coca-Cola and Coke Life when it is about the weight control. 

The chief executive of the Australian Beverages Council said that Coca-Cola is responding to the consumer demands for healthier options. The Coke Life is a product that will help consumers in many ways.