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Coffee and Tea in Place of Aerated Beverages and Soda to be Able to Tackle Diabetes

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Published on : May 04, 2015

Latest studies conclude that it is best when people replace sugary milky drinks and other aerated drinks with either water or perhaps coffee or tea. This helps in reducing the risks of getting affected by type II diabetes. Researchers have concluded that if sweet drinks and aerated beverages are taken every day and it rises by 5%, the risk of getting type II diabetes also increases by almost 18%. 

The World Health Organization has also recommended that one should try to minimize the consumption of different types of free sugars which form a part of our daily diet. There are enough scientific evidences that bring out the strong connection between type II diabetes and high consumption of sugar laden beverages and aerated drinks. However, the earlier research work relied immensely on using food frequency findings and questionnaires. 

But the problem with such questionnaires is that they do not have the capacity to evaluate individual types of beverages and there are many which don’t even include the fact that people add sugar to hot beverages such as coffee and tea. Dietary assessments and evaluations that make use of potential food diaries may be able to provide detailed data which overcomes related limitations, but this technique has yet not been applied extensively in the area of epidemiological research studies. 

Under the observational study, a group of 25639 adults took part in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Norfolk Study. In this, the individual beverage consumption of these adults were recorded over a period of time. The adults in this research study belonged to the age group of 40 to 79 years. Also, none of them suffered from diabetes during the beginning of this research study. 

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