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Coca Cola Unseats Pepsi at Arby’s

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Published on : Aug 18, 2017

The recent news has it that Coca-Cola Co. has won the contract to sell soft drinks at fast-food chain Arby’s, leaving PepsiCo Inc. to lose in the latest battle over the restaurant Arby’s beverage service. This deal is expected to add over 3,200 Arby’s locations to Coca-Cola’s base of restaurant clients. Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. is Atlanta-based, controlled by Roark Capital Group. This group also owns the clients of Coke such as Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s.

The restaurant conducted a thorough and competitive review of their current beverage contract, which is expected to conclude in early 2018 and have decided to ultimately transit to Coca-Cola Co., said the spokesman of Arby’s Mr. Chris Fuller. He further added that the restaurant expects the transition to begin during the first quarter of 2018.

Arby was a PepsiCo customer for more than a decade and switches between the two soda giants have become increasingly rare in last few years as restaurant chains are sticking with either of the two. However, PepsiCo did win over Subway Canada last year, overthrowing Coke. Coca-Cola enjoys a major share of the U.S. fountain business and this makes them a formidable opponent in the fight to rule restaurant taps. Although PepsiCo has stepped up its game in recent years by leveraging its massive food business, the other soda company is ruling in the U.S.