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Coca Cola Tries to Appeal to Australian Health Conscious Consumers with Coke Life

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Published on : Mar 31, 2015

The latest attempt by Coca Cola to attract more consumers from the increasing base of health conscious population involves the release of Coke Life. Although the drink claims to be made of lesser sugar than the classic Coke, health experts are still stating their disappointment as the product still has substantial amounts of sugar.

The soft drinks giant has claimed that Coke Life – a drink sold in a bottle with a bright green packaging – contains Stevia, a sugar substitute. Using the substitute has caused a 35 per cent reduction of sugar.

Health experts have raised their voice, saying that a reduction from 16 teaspoons to 10 teaspoons of sugar in a bottle of 600ml has made minimal difference in the health quotient of the beverage.

Lisa Winn, the Sydney marketing director, said that she counts Coke Life as a victory for their consumer base that wants the original taste of the classic beverage without the sugar-heavy content or even the artificial sweeteners found in Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

Coke Life is only the fourth drink launched by the soft drinks giant in the 128 years of its history.

Lisa said that the product is for those who seek balance. The target audience includes adults that are cutting back their intake of soft drinks due to their worries of consuming excessive sugar, while not opting for soft drinks with artificial sweeteners because their taste is different. Coke Life, according to most of the studies conducted by the company, tastes almost the same as the regular Coke.

She also added that the drink was first piloted in Chile and Argentina in 2013. The drink was launched in Australia as a part of a commitment to help curb the rising obesity epidemic.

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