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Coca-Cola Produces World’s First Packaging Material Made Entirely from Plants

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Published on : Jul 14, 2015

In a bid to develop a responsible packaging alternative to the current packaging materials, which are traditionally made from non-renewable materials and fossil fuels, The Coco Cola Company is going to adopt the concept of PlantBotttle packaging. PlantBottle packaging is a patented technology that makes use of the natural sugars found in plants to convert to ingredients required in the making of PET plastic bottles. The packaging has features, looks, and recyclable qualities similar as those of conventional PET bottles but they have a lighter footprint on environment and resources.

Coca Cola Company’s Global Research and Development Officer, Nancy Quan, said that this move can be counted as one of the most pioneering milestones of the company’s packaging portfolio. She added that it has been Coca Cola’s vision to maximize the use of game-changing technologies and create plant-based packaging materials from responsible sources, a material that will be the globe’s first such attempt at creating a completely recyclable PET plastic bottle. 
The result is a packaging material made entirely from completely renewable materials. The first of these bottles are being unveiled at the World Expo, an exhibition where innovation from sustainable resources is celebrated.

PlantBottle packaging is a great way to high quality standards for packaging. Plus use of such packaging materials carries the added advantage of being developed from completely renewable materials.  This packaging material can be used for a variety of beverages such as juices, teas, sparkling drinks, and also water. It can be molded in a variety of sizes too. Currently, the company is making use of sugarcane and waste from sugarcane processing process for creating PlantBottle packaging. Both these materials meet the sustainability criteria set by Coca Cola for identifying plant based raw materials for PlantBottles.