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Cloud Gaming, The New Trend in Cloud Computing - To Drive Global Cloud Computing Services Market

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Published on : Jul 11, 2016

With the introduction of cloud gaming, cloud computing services have gone one step ahead in terms of growth. Currently, the cloud gaming market is one of the leading markets in the global cloud computing services market. Playing games on platforms such as a personal computer, tablets, or directly on the console, has become old-fashioned. Today, with the introduction of cloud computing, the gamers are experiencing different ways to play their favorite games. Many game manufacturing companies are now consistently offering cloud-gaming services. 

How is cloud gaming different from a traditional game?

The only difference between a traditional online game and a cloud-based game is the way in which the game is deployed. With cloud-based gaming, there is no need to install and run the games locally. Instead, the game can be easily implemented from a remote server, called as the cloud. 

Cloud gaming is a cheaper and faster way of playing games. This is why it has become a popular platform for the gamers. The growing use of cloud computing as a platform to play games is one of the factors expected to drive the global cloud computing market in the near future. 

Apart from being used by the game development industries, cloud computing is being increasingly adopted by the IT companies and organizations operating across many industries. The growing implementation of cloud-based services by private, the government, and public organizations is expected to propel the demand for cloud computing. The growth path of the global cloud computing services market is being already defined by leading players such as Google, Amazon, IBM, Net Suite, and Microsoft. Going forward, newcomers such as Enomaly, AT&T, and GoGrid are expected to contribute heavily with their cloud computing services. 

Cloud gaming is the latest buzz in the world of cloud computing. With the introduction of cloud gaming services, the global cloud computing services market has taken a different growth path. Even though this concept is in its development stage, the market for cloud gaming is expected to propel in coming years. Thus, the global cloud gaming services market is expected to be the most opportunistic market in the global cloud computing services market.