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Cloud Computing Market in K-12 to Witness Robust Expansion in Forthcoming Years

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Published on : Dec 23, 2015

For the past couple of years, corporations around the world have been touting the benefits of cloud computing. The technology has revolutionized operations across enterprises in several ways. The adoption of cloud computing in K-12 however, is slow but steady. Market surveys conducted recently project that in the forthcoming years the rate of adoption of cloud computing across schools and educational institutions will exhibit a robust increase. Easy access to a wide range of cloud-based resources and applications has enabled schools to introduce BYOD (bring your own device) in classrooms. This gradual shift from traditional methodologies of imparting education to cloud-based models, is likely to redefine how education is perceived and how it is delivered. 

While cloud adoption of K-12 may not be a very widespread concept at present. It is likely to change over the forthcoming years. According to market surveys conducted recently, both academic and IT sectors are looking forwards to move to the cloud sooner. As a majority of customers think that cloud makes it easier for them to manage education documents, they can focus more on educating the child rather than investing time on trying to decipher or manage the technology. 

Several factors are encouraging the adoption of cloud computing across educational institutions. The most critical of these factors is the fact that once deployed the technology will allow institutions to save a substantial amount of cost incurred on building and maintaining infrastructure suitable for imparting education. Taking a cue from the cost savings, an increasing number of institutions located in the developed regions are integrating cloud computing to their daily modules. Among these nations, the adoption and implementation of cloud computing has seen most success in the U.S. The country has always been at the forefront of adopting the latest in technology. After exhibiting an impressive rate of adoption of cloud computing across institutions and government IT departments, the country is now heading towards setting example of deploying cloud technology in K-12, which according to analysts has the potential of revolutionizing the way education is imparted. 

The competitive landscape of cloud computing market in K-12 is highly fragmented, featuring the presence of several small, medium, and large companies. Some of the most prominent companies operating in the market are IBM, Amazon Web Services, Google, Adobe, Cisco, and others.