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City Workers in Cleveland to get Healthcare Benefits on Domestic Partnership Registry

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Published on : May 19, 2015

The city council of Cleveland passed legislation on Monday that made it mandatory to offer uniform health benefits to the city employees and their domestic partners. The legislation eliminated the 2012 deadline of registering the domestic partnership with the city.

In the later part of 2008, the council created a registry to allow domestic partners be considered to get insurance in the world place and the registry was first made available in May 2009. Those who wished to register under the scheme had to provide documents such as utility bills and mortgage papers to show that they typically share the expenses of the household. 

In July 2011, the council took a step ahead in the scheme by giving nod to an ordinance that will extend coverage to the partners of the city employees. But the facility will remain only for those applicants who have registered with the city by the 1st May of the same year. 

Later, however, the council extended the deadline until the end of March 2012. It also specified that those who missed to register within the deadline will have to shed off an amount of nearly US$8,000 a year to include a partner within the ambit of the city insurance. 

And, now the new ordinance passed by the council eliminates the deadline on the whole. Therefore, the council now allows the partners who seek benefits to avail the option of open enrollment period by the end of March.

Speaking about the new ordinance Dan Ball, spokesperson on behalf of the city mentioned in an email on Monday that the benefits in question as of now will be extended to nearly 40% of the city employees, who have registered in the domestic registry since the period following the last deadline.